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System AW More Details

System AW

Ease of operation, acoustic performance and pleasing aesthetics are combined in System AW to create movable walls that maximise spatial versatility in offices, conference and meeting rooms, training areas, educational establishments, hotels and banqueting suites.

System MF More Details

System MF

Hinged sliding folding modules make System MF ideal for those areas having multiple functions or where rapid layout changes are required. The system lends itself particularly to offices, including those with hot desking and hotelling areas, meeting rooms, clubs and restaurants, leisure centres and educational establishments.

System GD More Details

System GD

A double glazed movable wall system combining acoustic performance with ease of operation. Suitable for many different types of location including offices, conference, training and meeting rooms, corridors, schools and hotels.

System GS More Details

System GS

An aesthetically pleasing and easy to use fully glazed 'glass to glass' movable wall system designed for use in a wide range of internal environments including hotels, shopping malls, airport terminals and railway stations.

System GE More Details

System GE

A double glazed, sliding folding, aluminium framed movable wall system designed to separate exterior and interior environments. Combining thermal insulation and security with ease of operation, the system is suited to use in both residential and commercial locations; including hotels, pavement café, restaurants and stores

System CW More Details

System CW

A tried and tested economical system for quickly and easily dividing a wide range of areas, concertina systems are particularly suited to residential locations, nursery schools and village halls.